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iPhone App Development – what you are looking for in a developer

If you have just realized that you need an iPhone app for your business. You go on line, developers of applications of Google search, but you a hit a snag. You have pulled up hundreds of entries and you have no idea how and who to choose. development corporations and iPhone application developers actually COMP by the thousands. Discretion is certainly necessary to make sure that your ideas, specifications and requirements are complied with, as well as to avoid accidents, in particular when the application is already on the market.

To this end, we provide you with some tips to avoid these problems.

Check rates
Smart purchase meaning you would say that in most cases, it is important to compare the rates. Just because you are certain of the quality does not mean that you jump in right away. Go to the bottom of the list, and you might find a cheaper with the quality service even if it is not yet better. It is also important to know the prevailing rate to get a clear idea. You can use this information if you have the chance to negotiate prices.

Experiences and testimonies
Experience will tell you that the experience is a good determinant of the quality of the work that a person or company is capable of putting in a project. Ideally, more experience, more results, faster delivery and the better they are to deal with customers. For more security, many people are trusted names. However, there the experience that they claim to have through their portfolios. Some set up testimonials on their websites of customers would have been satisfied. However take their word for it. If you can communicate with clients. Ask for their number or e-mail address of the iPhone app developer, and if they refuse to give it to you, well, experience will tell you also that there must be something fishy.

Of course, they are Trus only if this is your first time to do business with this developer. If you have already established a connection with them through transactions, there is no need to check on their background. If they assign a new hiree, however, you can ask for more information on him, just to be sure.

Be able to deliver on time, it is also an important factor. This is part of being professional. If they are unable to keep their promise, you have a very good reason to go elsewhere next time. Try not to be too strict about the errors, however – they are just humans too. Minor errors are not difficult to cash out. The important thing is that you get updated throughout the project, they repair the damage and still be able to complete in the time (with room for manoeuvre if necessary and if you agree with as well).

Additional details
A few other details that should be considered are the following:

If you decide to transfer to another developer, your application must be easy and easy to includes and published by the next guy/s. Your application should be exactly like this now so that you don’t have problems in the future.

Your developer should make your $ $ app, as far as possible, be not too heavy as it consumes too much energy. Apps that drain batteries quickly could annoy users, who can then choose to stop using it (IE, delete). Drum in the ears of your developers, if necessary.

Finally, the developer must also able to make your SEO-friendly app.

Alfie Ethan is a manager of content for Techliance, he wrote mainly on Web development, gadgets and iPhone application development. Feel free to say hello on Facebook.

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How to Market Your iOS Apps and Get Ranked in iTunes

Have you developed your mobile app? Is it good enough to bring you business by itself? What do you think? It doesn’t matter how good your app is unless and until the app has been made available to the users, that is, the users get to interact with the app. If you want to learn the tactics of how to promote your application over iTunes then you are at the right place.

Making an app with good graphics and finest functionality doesn’t necessarily mean that it will generate business and popularity for you. You have to promote the app in the market via other means too. There are a few guidelines that you must follow while promoting your app so that the users know what it is that you have made for them.

First, you must perform a proper analysis of all the apps available on iTunes that contain features similar to your app. Point out the characteristics of your app that are unique and superior to other apps. The work of promoting your app starts right from the launching. The first property with which user interacts is the title and appearance of your app, try to make your app title exclusive and provide an attractive image that catches the users’ eyes.

Once your app has been launched, user will interact with it in the latest release and other iTunes categories, but after some time your app’s ranking might fall down in the market. If it does, then the only way it will top the charts is if you develop an app that is damn good in comparison to other apps or you need to practice other means to promote your app and generate business. Now, how will you maintain its position? The answer is right here, an app will enjoy high-ranking in the store only if it is receiving large number of downloads.

Now the question arises as to how will you make people download your application? The answer is really simple, users will only download your app if they get to interact with it and have knowledge about its functionality. You must be again thinking, how you will make people interact with your app other than over iTunes. The answer is on the “web.” People may get to know about your app from various web resources.

Now I am going to tell you the key elements that you must keep in mind while marketing your application. “Do not be aggressive.” Never do excessive submission of your app all over the place – the best way is blogging. Create an iOS application blog and regularly update your blog by posting information about your applications. Never forget to provide iTunes URL link of your application in your blog post so that the users easily interact with the app.

Once you are done with the mobile application development, you need to think! Have you done enough for your app’s marketing? I don’t think so. Then what else can you do? Well, social media is the answer. People surf a lot over social networking web sites, so provide information about your applications and updates in a very attractive manner so that the users visit more often, download and share your app. You must provide regular updates to the users emphasizing on better features and improved graphics.

I believe these pointers are more than enough for the marketing perspective of your app and it will surely get your app high-ranking in the iTunes market. Practice these tactics for your apps and let me know if they work for you.

Hey, my name is Daniel Jones. I have been working in iPhone application development and marketing industry for the last few years. I love to read, analyze, and share my knowledge over web sites.

The How – to’s on the strengthening of the Android App for a Smartphone

The development process that involves the construction of an Andoid application comes with a number of systemic problems that you can count a guide throughout the process. Decision making will come very early in the process. The first question you’d have to address would be the purpose of the application you are developing. Here, of course, you must take into account the element of the user, or the person who will use the application for the purpose you have in mind. At the same time, you can use this period to determine whether you will do a free app or there will be a price to pay.

There are a number of platforms, on which you can build the $ $ app. The next thing you need to do is to identify what platform would be more appropriate for you. These platforms require that you be a registered developer, however. Make sure what you do, so you’ll have no problem at the end. Before you can download the Android platform, you must register for this first. When you do this, you will need to have a coder. At the beginning, once that it was not easy for many developers again. Even experienced developers who work as freelancers also had a problem with that. But the outbreak of creator app coders have now made things easier for developers these days. In fact, they have to do any coding at all more.

The next step would be to the current design of the application. Here, you let your creative juice flow.

The point where your best effort is expected on your part. If the design is eye catching and attractive enough to attract attention, you can be sure to have a certain level of success once it arrives on the market. Although it is entirely separate from the good design of good coding, they are working towards the same goal. Design of the interface in such way that it is very catchy, but still very easy to understand or to understand by ordinary people. The design should not overwhelm the other functions of the application, such as the scrolling features. Persevere until you are convinced that you have something functional to use.

Next, you need to test applications and evaluate it carefully. Here, you can see for yourself whether or not you have a functional application for the purpose take into account differences in the capacity of work of many brands of Android phone models. Testing the application would verify that they will work on multiple models, even if they have a lower capacity. Switching from portrait to landscape orientation can be used to test the transitions. Testing the performance of signal too if it runs on internet connections.

After making the necessary changes on the android application, direct you to your Android platform online and load your product. At this point, you will have to wait for the approval of the application.

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The Fate of Desk Phones

I’ve been around long enough to remember fondly my days at a typewriter. And, even more fondly, my early days using a computer.

As you may already know, I am a CPA and managed an accounting firm for many years. My “second” job, right after my first job at Burger King, was with a regional accounting firm. I started with them just a few days after my 16th birthday – in the late 70s.

In those days, we didn’t have a computer in the office. We completed forms that had to be sent to data processing facility for input. We did this for our billing system AND for preparing tax returns. As you can imagine, one small error and the correction took days to make.

We have come a long way! We wouldn’t think of equipping a desk for a staff person without including a pretty powerful computer. The computer’s processing power can directly impact productivity.

So, when we hear that the computer and phone on our desks will soon be extinct, we need to sit up and take notice!

If you’re using a smart phone, you can probably remember the day you got the first one and how it revolutionized your business life. And, with the improvements in technology and wi – fi networks widely available, we can do much of what we relied on our computer desk for from just about anywhere.

I spent a few days last week at a conference. On both sides of me, there was someone with an iPad feverishly typing in notes. They had a supplemental keyboard and obviously relied on this device for most (if not all) of their computing needs.

To be honest, I’m not there yet. I am a pretty fast typist – having taken typing in high school – and am still tethered to my desk computer by a full-sized keyboard. Last week, I realized that it might be time for me to wean myself. To get the process started, I am committed to purchasing a supplemental keyboard for my iPad. For just about any accessory, there are plenty of options to choose from which can paralyze us when making a decision. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes!

When you’re making decisions about your information technology infrastructure, focusing on mobile devices will provide a big payoff. Over the years, the need for a typewriter has been completely eliminated. If the predictions are correct, your desk phone and computer will suffer the same fate.

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6 Things You Probably Do Wrong With Mobile

It’s amazing how many companies get mobile wrong. Even very large, otherwise sophisticated companies.

There are a handful of things that companies regularly get wrong when designing mobile apps:

1. Too Much Information

It’s vitally important to really consider how your mobile app will be used in the real world. Users will try to use it while walking down the street. Despite the stupidity of it (and laws against it), some will try to use it while driving. Even barring these, users are reading off a small screen.

Pare down the information you present to only that which is absolutely vital. To keep it interesting and readable, hire a copywriter who excels in writing that is highly accessible, simple and interesting.

2. Too Many Steps

Hand-in-hand with too much information, many companies try to cram in far too much functionality. In the process, they create too many steps to get any one thing done.

People don’t want to climb the stairs. They want you to build them an escalator. Or better yet, a private elevator with a butler and someone to massage their feet and feed them grapes during their ride to the top.

How many is too many? Six steps may not seem like a lot, but it’s unquestionably too many in the world of apps. In fact, four is about the limit and you’d do far better sticking to three or less.

That’s why it’s so important to carefully plan what you want your app to do and get design input from both a copywriter and a designer. Or save yourself some money and hire someone who does both.

3. Hard to Navigate

If your app requires a user manual of any kind — even if they’re as simple as the assembly instructions for Ikea furniture — it is far too complex.

The most inexperienced user should be able to pick it up and make it do something useful with zero instruction.

4. Not Compelling

Even if your product or service interests me, if all your app does is rehash and present information that’s easily obtainable from other sources, what is its purpose?

Even insurance companies, an industry known for being boring, make popular apps by adding utility to them. They let users keep policy information, offer checklists of things to do in an accident, give reminders… all sorts of helpful functions.

5. Resource Hog

Loads of video, huge pictures (remember, cell phone screens are small), the need to constantly be connected, large file or database sizes… all add to the “weight” of an app. You want your app to be a dainty preschool teacher, not a sumo wrestler.

If being connected to the internet is mandatory, you’ve just reduced the utility of the app considerably. If it takes up a lot of space or if it runs slowly because it requires so much memory or other resources, users will hate it and tell everyone how terrible it is.

6. Poor User Interface

Look at your fingertip. Notice how large it is, relative to the size of your cell phone screen. If you make menu items too small or too close together, users will forever be clicking the wrong things.

Remember the game Operation? Try playing that while holding the operating table in one hand and while walking down the hallway. If the guy’s nose lights up your whole company just lost the game.

Likewise if you include elements that are not resizable.

The Wrap-up

Your app is like an employee. It represents your company. You wouldn’t tolerate an employee bad-mouthing the company to your customers. So don’t let your app do the same thing.

If you make a great app, word will spread and people will use it. Make a terrible app and be prepared to pay a terrible price.

While an average app may not generate the social media equivalent of hate mail or bad press, you won’t be doing yourself or your company any favors.

Hiring an expert to help you design and create your app is a small investment that will yield big benefits.

Jeff Kontur is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. Electronic copies of his book “Fat-Free Marketing” are available for FREE from his web site

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